Top: J. Krishnamurti, Lower Left: Professor David Bohm, Lower Right: Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita. The lifework of these three men coalesced into a singular vision, when seen through the prism of the lifework of the man quoted above, psychologist James J. Gibson.

This is a Work-in-Progress. It began eight years ago in 2005, after a two-year work relationship with a former high-school classmate who became a world-famous Brain scientist ended abruptly, due to circumstances beyond our control. My friend Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita has since passed away and so—in a sense—this project is an obligation I feel I have, to complete the work we began together one December evening in 2002. It is also dedicated to him.

Note: Since the author’s passing in 2019, these pages are archived and hosted by the David Bohm Society.

Table of Contents

Chapter One—Reconnecting
Chapter Two—The Five Minutes That Changed My World
Chapter Three—Gathering Assumptions
Chapter Four—These Things Take Time to Figure Out
Chapter Five—Revisiting a Glitch in the Emerging “Big Picture”
Chapter Six—A Revolution Revisited
Chapter Seven—James J. Gibson and his “Note on the Difference Between a Sensory Modality and a Perceptual System”
Chapter Eight—The Lost Tape or Back to the Future
Chapter Nine—Questioning the Neurological Imperative
Chapter Ten—The Proprioceptive Self
Appendix—Perception and Its Role in the Development of Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita’s Tongue Display Unit